ARTISAN 2024 Summer School

The Summer School ARTISAN (Role and effects of ARTificial Intelligence in Secure ApplicatioNs) tackles the issues related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with regard to security and safety applications.

The last years have witnessed an increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Machine Learning (ML), techniques in many automated systems covering almost all the main domains of our lives. AI-based components have emerged in many industrial domains such as Industry 4.0, aviation and flight control, automotive, medical... They perform complex tasks such as pattern recognition, image recognition, and even control. However, most of the systems and functionalities in domains such as aviation, industrial automation and automotive have security-critical and safety-critical requirements.

The objective of ARTISAN is to illustrate, to security and safety Ph.D. candidates, what the foundations, applications, benefit, misuse and related effects of Artificial Intelligence in critical systems and infrastructures are. ARTISAN's lecturers analyses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to raise awareness on the fact that they are a double-edged sword which can either enhance security and safety of systems or expose them to novel threats.

In ARTISAN, AI/ML is addressed as

  • a means to improve security of systems and applications;
  • a means to attack applications;
  • an enabling technology that is beneficial to build innovative systems and applications, but that can expose itself to novel vulnerabilities.

More precisely, the lecturers will discuss the current and near-term applications of AI/ML technologies as well as the associated security risks, mitigations and existing limitations.


Quick facts

Event dates

July, 15th–18th July 2024


LCIS, Valence (Drôme, 26), France

Registration fee

Early bird, before the 1st of July

  • €350 for academic participants
  • €500 for industrial participants

After the 1st of July

  • €400 for academic participants
  • €550 for industrial participants


Registration fees cover lunches, coffee breaks, welcome cocktail and social event (dinner).



The number of participants is limited.

Registration will be open until 2024-07-10 and is done directly on this website.
For late registration (after the 2024-07-10), please contact us directly.

Any inquiries regarding the registration process can be addressed to

Welcome cocktail and social event

A welcome cocktail is proposed on Monday, after the last session, for the participants to meet and discuss around foods and drinks.

The social event is a dinner scheduled on Wednesday, the 17th.




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